Team Member: Kaleb Saucer

Kaleb Saucer

Campus Ministry Intl. Director

Kaleb began his undergraduate studies at Southeastern Louisiana University in the Fall of 2009. During his first year on campus, he helped to start a campus ministry called Lions for the Lamb. A ministry, which by the time he graduated, had developed into a weekly service that averaged 50+ students every Tuesday night. Lions for the Lamb has been the catalyst for many students to receive the Holy Ghost, be baptized in the name of Jesus, be healed and delivered and it is still changing lives today. Kaleb’s passion for campus ministry did not come from reading stories about what happened on someone else’s campus, but it was birthed because of the things he saw on his own campus. In 2012, Kaleb graduated with a degree in Business Marketing and now works as a Marketing Director for Chick-fil-A. Kaleb also serves as the Student Pastor for the First Pentecostal Church of Baton Rouge under the leadership of Pastor Dan Davis. He has a passion for students of all ages and a desire to see every campus evangelized with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.