UPCI Youth Ministries 2021 Events

January 14-16
January 15

AYC North American Application Deadline


Recommended month for Youth Week

February 1

Move the Mission Bible/Christian College & Next Steps Scholarship Application Deadline

February 16

MTM Scholarship Grading Committee

March 11-13

Southeast BQE (Pensacola, FL – First Pentecostal Church)

March 18-20

Western BQE (Sacramento, CA – Calvary Evangelism Center)

March 25-27

South Central BQE (Dallas, TX – Dallas First Church)

April 8-10

Northeast BQE (Chesapeake. VA – Bible World Apostolic Church)

April 15-17

North Central BQE (Hazelwood, MO – The Sanctuary)

July 28-30

North American Youth Congress

NAYC 2021 is CANCELLED as an in-person event.

Hotel Cancellation Information:

  • No action is required from attendees regarding hotel reservation so long as rooms were booked through Connections Housing. All hotel reservations booked at an official NAYC21 Hotel through Connections Housing will automatically be cancelled with no penalty.
  • Each guest will receive a cancellation acknowledgement email from Connections Housing.  No deposit was charged for reservation; therefore, no refund is due.
  • Should you have any questions or concerns, please emailNAYC housing directly at:

The CANCELLATION of NAYC21 as an in-person event is due to the following main reasons:

  • Lucas Oil Stadium capacity is still set at only a 17,500 as of March 29th.
    • At this time, we have no guarantee that the stadium capacity will increase by April 6th (our registration opening date) nor by our event date in July.
    • Furthermore, we have already delayed the registration date more than one month to allow time for the stadium capacity to increase.
  • While the Indiana governor has stated that restriction would lift for the state on April 6, 2021, unfortunately, the Mayor of Marion County has stated that restrictions will remain in place for the county and the city of Indianapolis. The Mayor and the director of the health board have determined that they will continue to uphold restrictions for the city and the county.
  • The Health Board for Marion County has the authority (and precedence) to wait and approve an event’s capacity numbers/risk mitigation plans up to 48 hours from the event start date. This means that we could potentially receive denial for our requested attendance capacity up to two days before the first service/day of NAYC.
  • We are nearing the 90-day cancellation window with some of our event hotels. To delay NAYC cancellation could potentially mean that YM and our attendees are faced with penalties and fees for cancelling so close to the event.

See below for Online Event Information:

We encourage attendees, students, youth groups, and churches to join us Friday night, July 30th for a one night only virtual service. This will not be just another virtual service, but we will encourage districts, sections, and youth groups to host watch parties (if possible). Please visit and our social media outlets for more information that will be released soon.



August 6-16
August 29
October 8

Youth Day at General Conference (Indianapolis, IN)