Youth Ministries Team


Kyle Loyd

Executive Assistant to YM President

(636) 229-7900 x7883

Joseph Stafford

Administrative Assistant - AYC

(636) 229-7900 x7882

Charlette Franklin

Administrative Assistant - Finances

(636) 229-7900 x7881

Tamra Schultz

Administrative Assistant - Promotions

(636) 229-7900 x7880

Roman Francois

General Office Clerk

(636) 229-7900 x7884

Kamryn Meyer

General Office Clerk

(636) 229-7900 x7888

Ministry Directors

Micaela Gleason

Apostolic Youth Corps Director

(636) 229-7900 x7889

Russ Faubert

Bible Quizzing Director & Experienced Division Quizmaster

Ministry Coordinators

Derek Borders

Derek Borders

Commune-ity Website Administrator

Kyle Thayer

YM Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Regional Representatives

Youth Ministries Committee